A state-of-the-art sports performance training center is designed to meet the needs of youth, high school, professional athletes and adult fitness.

Our classes are developed for kids ages 8 and up. The Fundamentals class teaches kids ages 8-11 the basic athletic skills they will need to build a healthy foundation to pursue competitive sports later in their life. This class emphasizes technique over speed and strength with the belief that it is more important to do exercises properly than it is to do them fast.

Our next level is for kids 12-14 who are gearing up for high school sports. This Competitive Performance class takes kids to the next level of training by focusing on progressing and maintaining athletic movement. At the same time, coaches place emphasis on refining and ingraining fundamental skills from our Fundamentals class: speed, agility, strength, and power.

Your high school athlete can improve his/her performance in our Advanced Performance class for students ages 15 and up. This class is optimized for each athlete and is focused on fine-tuning technique and refining the skills of speed, agility, and power as each athlete needs it. Your high schooler will notice a significant improvement in his/her performance when the school year starts again and will have fun along the way.

We offer three different levels of training.


Youth Performance Ages 7-11

This program helps Elementary School Athletes (Ages 7-11) increase coordination, balance, running mechanics and overall body awareness. Participants in this program learn proper lifting technique using wooden dowels and medicine balls.

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Developmental Age 12-14

This program works with Middle School Athletes (Ages 12-14) to prepare them for the next level. During an intense 60-minute session, athletes focus on flexibility, injury prevention, core strength, acceleration and lateral movement mechanics, and explosive strength via Olympic weightlifting.

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Advanced Program Ages 15-18

This program is designed for High School Athletes (Ages 15+) to prepare them for their high school sports and competing at the next level. During the 60-minute session, the athletes will focus on injury prevention through dynamic warm-up, core strength, top end speed, and explosive strength through our Olympic weightlifting program.

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Core Performance is such a great place to work out at! All the trainers know how to get the most out of you every session. I would recommend going to Core Performance to train since all the coaches make training fun and exciting. The workouts are never boring or the same as previous work out which help keep you engaged during your time there.

Keith K


Core Performance has been a great place to work out. Besides running track in high school, I have never really been an active person, so when I wanted to try to start getting into shape, I was lost.

Having the coaches teaching classes has been extremely helpful, and I am amazed at the improvement I have seen in just a few months. Everyone here is very friendly and eager to help.

I felt comfortable to ask the coaches when I had questions and knew they actually cared to help everyone individually with whatever they needed.

Every coach creates a new workout every day, so you’re not doing the same routine over and over.

You’ll definitely get great results taking classes at Core Performance, and taking classes with other people really encourages you to stay motivated and put in good work.



Core Performance is great for any athlete! It is a great alternative to the gym.

They offer small group training as well as personal or team training. The coaches are all very knowledgeable and focus on technique to maximize your workout.

I’ve grown up in sports, so I’m used to having a coach or trainer instructing me so this is a great fit for me. Personally, I can’t imagine myself ever going back to a regular gym like 24 to work out.

I would definately recommend Core Performance, but be prepared to work hard!

Ashlei S.