Speed, Power & Fitness!

A state-of-the-art sports performance training center is designed to meet the needs of youth, high school, and college athletes.

Our Sports Performance Training!

We offer three possible tracks for athletes of all ages and experience. Each class offers a unique stimulus and is specially tailored to improve a specific area in sports.

Speed Training

Mon.- Fri. 4:45 pm & Sat 10:15 am

Class focusing on improving an athlete’s quickness, agility, and footwork in order to increase speed and better apply it to sport. Using a combination of weightlifting, plyometrics, and bodyweight exercises athletes will gain drills and techniques for enhanced athletic performance.

Get Fast!

Power Training

Mon.- Fri. 5:30 pm & Sat. 9:30 am

Class designed to increase an athlete’s strength and explosive power using a variety of weightlifting and bodyweight movements. Emphasis will be put on proper technique in all movements before introducing load.

Get Strong!

Fitness Training

Mon.- Fri. 6:30 pm & Sat. 11:00 am General fitness class for kids of all ages and ability levels. Through a blend of various training elements from running to weightlifting, athletes will see improvements in such physical skills as endurance, stamina, strength and flexibility.
Get Fit!
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