Speed, power and agility can be taught!

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What is Core Performance?

Core Performance, Dublin, is an organization that provides advanced athletic training programs to athletes of all ages and capabilities. Our training programs are lead by a team of Sports Performance Coaches who are all degreed and certified in the science of human performance.

  1. Improved Quick Burst Acceleration Speed.
  2. Improved “Maximum Velocity” Top Speed.
  3. Improved Agility, Balance and Flexibility.
  4. Improved “Dynamic” Power. Increased Power in all of your Athletic movements.
  5. Improved Overall Body Strength.
  6. Reduction in the likelihood of Acute and Overuse Injuries.

Why is Core Performance Important?

Speed, power and agility can be taught! Most athletes only use a small percentage of their overall athletic capabilities. Typically – biomechanical inefficiencies, inhibited range of body motion, or lack of positive and consistent central nervous system understanding of how to maximize movement – prohibit young athletes from achieving their peak athlete performance.

At Core Sports Performance, our coach’s differentiator is the absolute concentration on educating our athletes on the proper biomechanics of athletics movement, allowing for permanent and positive changes to our clients neuromuscular systems, leading to increased athletic performance on the field of play and reduced chance of acute and overuse injuries.

In addition to the expert staff, Core Sports Performance, Dublin, has the following attributes that contribute to our unique value proposition:

  1. Our 18,000 sq. ft. training facility is dedicated to teaching the fundamentals of athleticism – Speed, Power and Agility. Our facility has a top notch weight training area, 30 yards of football turf, a 4 lane 60 yard sprint track, and a volleyball/basketball surface area.
  2. Our programs are proven to work, we even guarantee it!
  3. Our program is broken up into three focus areas: Acceleration / first step speed and starts; Top speed or Maximum velocity; and Multi-directional movement including lateral quickness and agility. Each area has its own progression of drills and exercises that gradually teaches each athlete to perfect their movement patterns.

Great athletes aren’t born, they’re made – and Core Performance is in the business of making athletes better athletes!

Who Do We Go Do It?

Core Sports Performance training programs are based on semi-private (never more than 8 athletes to 1 Performance Coach) performance sessions. Each 60 or 75 minutes program will cover all of the below components:

Speed and Agility

  • Proper technique for permanent positive change in acceleration, deceleration, change of direction and top running speed.
  • Competence in basic movement mechanics, which leads to proper sport-specific movement.

Strength and Power

  • Force production through increased muscle recruitment, rather than traditional philosophy of “size = strength”.
  • Elastic force development while continuing to increase contractile force capacity.
  • Optimal performance through development of propulsive power, stabilization strength and strength endurance.


  • Increased efficiency of movement through motor pattern reengineering

Flexibility and Mobility

  • Increased flexibility by facilitating muscle relaxation.
  • Specific and functional musculoskeletal mobility.
  • Unrestricted range of motion, which supports proper mechanics, allows full expression of force production capacity and decreases the likelihood of injury.

Energy System Development

  • General endurance in all sports through an integrated approach to training.
  • Optimal energy system adaptation through sport specific conditioning.

Regeneration and Recovery

  • Neuromuscular regeneration through properly designed and periodized programs
  • Performance improvement through the athlete’s adaptation to the stresses of training

Injury Prevention

  • Reduced acute and overuse injuries through initial Functional Movement Assessment test, followed by protocols that increase flexibility and mobility and enhance joint stabilization.
  • Prehabilitation exercise that address potential problems before injuries occur.