How much does it cost?

Check out our pricing page here!

How do I sign for a free training session?
Click here, complete the form and then book your first training session online.


What should I bring to training session?
Wear athletic gear, running shoes or flat shoes (no cleats) and a water bottle.


Do you offer sports skills training?
We do not offer sports specific skills training (ie. shooting, kicking, throwing, etc.) We’re focus on speed, power and agility.


Do you offer private training?
Yes but we’re very limited in the evenings since we run our classes during that time. We’ve found over time that the majority of Athlete’s find our regular Core Performance is more than enough for them to reach their training needs. We always recommend ¬†they try a class first and if they still wish additional training can speak with a coach.


My Athlete is just turn a year old and move up to the next age group?
We always recommend they start off in a class for their current age. We can them make an assessment and any necessary changes.