Group Fitness

This program was developed for the recreational/competitive athlete or fitness enthusiast in search of a fast paced high energy workout structured for total body conditioning. Core Fitness combines a range of athletic based activities and dynamic movements designed to improve full body strength, function, shape, and definition with real world benefits.

Core Fitness will take you to the next level!

Every Workout Includes:

  • Active Dynamic Warm-Up – Emphasizes functional movements used in everyday life. Work on flexibility & core strength
  • Strength Training – Get stronger & leaner with pro-coaches teaching you safe & effective techniques
  • Challenging Circuit – Build stamina, burn calories & increase your metabolism all day long.

Benefits of Core Fitness

  • Lose body fat, get strong & lean.
  • Feel & Perform better on the field or at your desk.
  • Have more energy all day long.
  • Get in the best shape of your life.

What Makes Core Fitness Different?

  • Functional Exercises – Training the body for the activities performed in everyday life.
  • Variety – Each group training session will be different.
  • Intensity – Train hard for 60 minutes & feel great all day.
  • Coaches – Work with the same coaches who train top professional & elite athletes.
  • Training Center – The Core training center has everything you need for an awesome workout & elite athletes.
  • Get Results – Receive a complete assessment and watch your improvements.


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