Our Training Approach

Core Sports Performance training programs are based on semi-private (never more than 8 athletes to 1 Performance Coach) performance sessions.

Each 60 or 75 minutes program will cover all of the below components:

1- Speed and Agility

  • Proper technique for permanent positive change in acceleration, deceleration, change of
    direction and top running speed.
    Competence in basic movement mechanics, which leads to proper sport-specific

2- Strength and Power

  • Force production through increased muscle recruitment, rather than traditional philosophy of “size = strength”.
  • Elastic force development while continuing to increase contractile force capacity.
  • Optimal performance through development of propulsive power, stabilization strength
    and strength endurance.

3- Coordination

  • Increased efficiency of movement through motor pattern reengineering

4- Flexibility and Mobility

  • a. Increased flexibility by facilitating muscle relaxation.
  • Specific and functional musculoskeletal mobility.
  • Unrestricted range of motion, which supports proper mechanics, allows full expression of force production capacity and decreases the likelihood of injury.

5- Energy System Development

  • General endurance in all sports through an integrated approach to training.
  • Optimal energy system adaptation through sport specific conditioning.

6- Regeneration and Recovery

  • Neuromuscular regeneration through properly designed and periodized programs
  • Performance improvement through the athlete’s adaptation to the stresses of training

7- Injury Prevention

  • Reduced acute and overuse injuries through initial Functional Movement Assessment test, followed by protocols that increase flexibility and mobility and enhance joint stabilization.
  • Prehabilitation exercise that address potential problems before injuries occur.

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