Sports Specific Training

Work with a CP Trainer on your own Schedule. Train like the Pros – the Benefits of ” Sports Specific Private Training”. We train most of our Professional and Elite athletes in a small group setting, just like we do our younger athletes. However, because our Pros typically have less time to train, we often mix in some “privates”, one-on-one training sessions with one of our Performance Coaches. This enables the athlete to address their specific needs in a very time efficient manner.

We’ve also seen this approach be extremely effective with our Developmental athletes (high school and middle school). By mixing in one-on-one training sessions with group training, we often see accelerated gains by the athlete. Whether the area of focus is speed mechanics, strength & power or rehab, we have coaches who can help. All of the advanced testing, video analysis and speed training tools we use for our Pros are at your disposal.

A great strategy for our Developmental athletes is to participate in group training 2-3 days per week and supplement with very targeted one-on-one performance coaching sessions. For our developmental athletes (6th grade through college) we offer private performance coaching sessions in conjunction with our Performance Memberships.

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