What is Sports Performance Training?

The goal of sports performance training is to enhance your performance in competition to make you more successful in your chosen sport. It differs from personal training in which the primary goal is usually to improve overall fitness.

Quality strength and conditioning programs take into account the sport and position that you play along with individual characteristics such as your age, gender, fitness level and medical history.

They are based on sound scientific principles and proven training techniques to create a customized, effective workout plan. Such a program, combined with your own hard work, will increase your quickness, speed, strength, agility and stamina.

You may also improve vital sport-specific skills (i.e. increased vertical jump for rebounding) reduce your potential for injury, and become more confident and motivated.

Lastly, a good sports performance program should be fun so that it can better inspire you to create active and healthy habits and maintain them for a lifetime.

Having fun is important, but part of the fun comes from being successful at your sport and realizing your full potential.

These days, talent alone is not enough…it must be combined with proper coaching, appropriate training, and DESIRE. Train hard and train smart so you can explode past your competition!

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